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Positions Descriptions

President- The President shall preside over Hall Association General Board and Executive Board Meetings. S/he shall act as the official spokesperson for the Hall Association, including acting as a liaison between other organizations and Hall Association on campus. S/he shall have the power to bring business before the Executive Board / General Board and enter into discussion. The President will prepare agenda items for each Executive Board and General Board meeting. The President will initiate committees as needed.

Vice President– The Vice President shall assist the President in any of his/her functions and shall take charge when the President is unavailable. In some Hall Associations, the Vice President chairs General Board meetings instead of the President. In others, the Vice President is responsible for team development of the Executive Board and General Board as well as recognition initiatives such as submitting Of The Month award nominations (see NRHH page for more information).

Treasure– The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance and presentation of the Hall Association budget throughout the academic year as well as applying for USG funding and RHA funding (when applicable). S/he shall keep accurate records of Hall Association funds and make reports of financial affairs as required by the President. In addition to the Treasure’s signature, all checks must must be accompanied by that of another Officer.

Secretary– The Secretary shall keep accurate records of the Hall Association’s proceedings by taking minutes at each meetings. S/he shall notify the General Board (residents and the Floor Representatives) of all meetings. S/he shall be responsible for correspondence and distribution of copies of the minutes to the Executive Board and Advisors following each meeting. In some areas, the secretary also helps with promotion of the Hall Association and Hall Association events.

Social Coordinator– The Social Coordinator shall oversee all social events sponsored by the Hall Association. S/he shall coordinate all programming efforts (planning, publicity, etc.), bus trips, and the purchasing of Hall Association T-shirts and/or sweatshirts. The Social Coordinator shall also be responsible for submitting Programming Reports to RHA for points towards the Hall Association of the Year award.

Floor/Building Representatives and General Board Members– Some Hall Associations elect Floor or Building representatives, who make up Hall Association General Board. Other Hall Associations have open General Board Meetings and invite all residential students from their area to participate in these meetings. Typically, Floor/Building representatives and other General Board members are responsible for attending all Hall Association General Board meetings and serving as a liaison between their constituents (residents on the floor/in the building/in the area) and the Hall Association Executive Board.