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Position Description

President– The President, democratically elected by the residential student population on campus, serves as the spokesperson of all student residents at the University of Connecticut. The President serves as the RHA liaison to all University divisions including but not limited to Residential Life, Dining Services, and USG. The President presides over the Executive Board and General Board.

Vice President– The Vice President works closely with all Hall Association. The Vice President oversees the recruitment and election of Hall Association members, organizes training, retention and recognition programs for Hall Association members and serves as a resource and advocate for Hall Association members.

Secretary– The Secretary documents all proceedings of the General Board and Executive Board. The Secretary keeps membership records and an office inventory. The Secretary also manages the Hall Association of the Year points and binder system, regularly updating the website and other administrative tasks. The Secretary oversees the enforcement of the Constitution, By Laws, policies and procedures of RHA.

Chief Financial Officer– The CFO is responsible for keeping an updated budget for RHA and oversees all financial transactions of the organization. The CFO also organizes fundraising events and oversees the Hall Association RHA Funding process.

Director of Programming– The Director of Programming oversees the development and execution of campus-wide programs and events. The Director of Programming encourages efforts of Hall Associations to collaborate on programs and events.

Director of Public Relations– The Director of Public Relations is responsible for the marketing and advertising of RHA and its events. The Director of Promotions is responsible for RHA’s Web and Social Media presence. The Director of Promotions also oversees the organizational outreach to the student resident population in order to understand the residents’ concerns, grievances and best wishes, so that the organization can best serve its constituency.

Director of Advocacy– The Director of Advocacy is responsible for designing and maintaining a resident feedback system to address resident concerns, overseeing improvement projects within the residence halls. The Director of Advocacy is also in charge of spearheading social justice and diversity programs that better educate the students living on campus.

National Communication Coordinator– The National Communications Coordinator (NCC) represents UConn’s RHA to the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH), Incorporated and its affiliate, the North East Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (NEACURH). The NCC regularly communicates with RHA members from other institutions and represents UConn in regional and national boardroom meetings of NEACURH and NACURH. The NCC is responsible for the selection and preparation of delegations to attend regional and national conferences and oversees the bidding for regional and national awards.

RHA Advisor–  The RHA Advisors are staff members of the Department of Residential Life. The Advisors serve as resources for RHA members and make RHA members aware of policies and procedures of the Department of Residential Life, student organization policies of the Department of Student Activities and the Student Code. They assist RHA in all matters including, but not limited to legislation, programming, and conferences. Advisors help with elections and maintain a connection with Hall Association Advisors. The RHA Advisors do not have a vote on the General Board or the Executive Board.