About Us

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a Tier-II Student Organization at the University of Connecticut. Through governance, programming, and advocacy, the Residence Hall Association strives to give residents the best experience possible by providing diverse cultural, social, and educational programming, and addressing the grievances and best wishes of the student resident population.

The Residence Hall Association serves as a voice for the student resident population at the University of Connecticut. Acting as a liaison between residents and the Department of Residential Life, the Department of Dining Services, and other university entities, the organization seeks to ensure that the interests of its constituency are being heard.

Today, the organization strives to represent the nearly 13,000 graduate and undergraduate students who live at the Storrs campus. The Residence Hall Association is well-known for its programming, such as its annual UConnapalooza during Spring Weekend, and sending delegations to regional and national leadership conferences. Its determination to advocate for the needs of all residents spreads the influence of the organization throughout campus and Storrs, CT.

The Residence Hall Association also consists of the Hall Associations. There is a Hall Association in each of the 18 residential areas on campus, and any student living in that area can run for the Executive Board of that Hall Association. The positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Coordinator, and Advocacy Chair. Hall Associations are well known for their end-of-the-year events and community swag!