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RHA Executive Board & Hall Associations Relationship

The RHA Executive Board assists with the establishment of Hall Associations at the beginning of each semester and is actively involved in the recruitment of Hall Associations members. Throughout the year, the RHA Executive Board provides Hall Associations with on-going training and development activities. Each Hall Association has a RHA E-Board buddy who will attend the Hall Associations E-Board meetings and be there as a resource and help them be the most successful they can be.

RHA hosts a Leadership Conference for all Hall Associations members at the beginning of the Fall semester, where Hall Associations members learn about their individual position responsibilities and get more information about RHA. The RHA Executive Board recognizes Hall Association’s efforts with a Leadership & Recognition Banquet at the end of the academic year.

Once the the Hall Association Executive Board member attend the fall leadership conference the General Body meetings start up. These meetings rotate around campus and at least someone from The Hall Association Executive Board will be required to attend the meetings. This discuss include what the RHA Executive Board is doing, what all the Hall Associations are doing and workshops are given on important topics to help make Hall Association the best it can be!

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